Richard Margolis: Fine Art Photography in Rochester, NY

Featured Gallery - "Loretta Judson Photographs"

These photographs were taken in the late 1940s and early 50s mostly by my aunt, Loretta Judson. Her daughter, Jan, gave me the negatives years ago and they had been on my "to do" list until recently when I selected 40 to be printed.

I recognize about half of the people, and several of my cousins have helped with other identifications. Some are still mysteries.

You will notice that there were different cameras used—the format changed, and a couple of prints are from a pair of negatives which were not cut apart. A few have an odd vignette that I believe is the result of the inner layer of the bellows of a folding camera separating and partially collapsing. The results are, at least in my judgement, happy accidents that enhance the images. There are a lot of "flaws" that, with the passing of time, have become "patina," and will remain in the final prints.

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April 2014 — "Actual Unretouched Photographs"

A new gallery listed in the Portfolio: "Actual Unretouched Photographs".

"I see many connections between these prints and my recent work. I now routinely tear off the edges of many of my prints and then abrade the edges with my fingernails or a tool. ..." —From the preface.

The catalog is available for purchase in the Bookstore.

March 2014 — Commissions

Richard is currently accepting commissions for architectural and landmark photography, as well as for copy work—photographing art for artists and collectors. Projects of all sizes will be considered. Visit the Commissions section to view galleries of his work.